Friday, May 4, 2012

Hello all you little bitches out there!

Instead of writing a longass post, i might as well do a quick self intro! I've been blogging for more than 3 years now so blogging is not something new to me (despite the fact that i'm always mia) previously i blogged at xanga, onsugar, wordpress as well as blogger and the contents are mostly about lifestyle and foods.

This blog will be slightly different because it's gonna be all about my thoughts, art, music, fashion, lifestyle, photography, inspiration and perhaps my affection! Not to forget it'll also be a space for me to fantasize stuff like unicorns, pegasus, talking bunny and flying houses.

Well you may wonder what does wildbeige stands for :
{WILD} I love everything wild and recently I'm really into wildfox couture so I derived the word from the brand. Though don't mistaken it as my personality. As much as i wish i had that wild spirit in me, i am nothing close to it.
{BEIGE} Simply because i love the color and a silly substitute for bitch (closest i can think of) because doesn't allow vulgarities for url.

Basically, i like every pretty little things, fashion, art, music and traveling.
I'm easily pleased by materials, enjoy random experiences and spontaneity in life.

An ∞ dreamer. i love heights and someday i'll fly.



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